Friday, November 21, 2014

DAFA wins $7,000 from SC Johnson / Vecco

DAFA came up the big winner in a recent rug-making competition sponsored by Vecco DIY Rug Decor products, bringing home a total of $7,000 for the guild treasury. The excitement began when volunteers representing four Dallas-area non-profit organizations (Dwell with Dignity, ArtLoveMagic, Groundwork Dallas and DAFA) received rug design kits from SC Johnson, with instructions to design rugs that illustrated the theme “Texas Pride.” Coordinated by Deborah Boschert, 25 DAFA artists created individual rugs of their own design and submitted photos for a special Pinterest board. (That accomplishment earned DAFA the first $2,000.) The board appeared as part of Vecco’s site, alongside the Pinterest boards of the other three organizations. The number of Pinterest “Follows” by the deadline determined which organization would win the $5,000 prize – and it was DAFA’s board that came out on top.

The $5,000 award was announced at a November 14 Vecco-sponsored product launch at Valley View Mall in Dallas. The celebration included the unveiling of a one-of-a-kind Texas rug mosaic created by the volunteers as they learned to use the product. The rugs that made up the mosaic will be donated to Dwell with Dignity, an organization that aims to bring good design into the lives of those struggling with poverty or homelessness. See Vecco’s fun video here. 

From left: A giant mosaic rug unveiled by Vecco at Valley View Mall included sections stenciled by DAFA members and other DFW artists. Vecco representative Diane Hensley (on left) presents a giant $5,000 check to Deborah Boschert, DAFA’s DIY rug project coordinator, and JoAnn Musso, DAFA president. 
From left: Juanita Johnson’s windmill rug was among those chosen for display in the hospitality room at Valley View Mall. Brenda Wyatt enjoys the reception, where her boot rug was on display. Markita Hall-Gumble’s Texas Pride rug is drawing a lot of interest on Pinterest.

From left: Markita Hall-Gumble demonstrates her technique for painting a rug with Vecco’s new product. Valery Guignon’s armadillo rug on display. Deborah Boschert is interviewed by Vecco about the DIY rug project. 

Competition for a $2,500 individual prize continues through December 17, when the Dallas-area artist whose rug has received the most “likes” takes home that prize. See the DAFA rugs here and get ready to vote! Public voting on Pinterest to determine the winner begins on December 8 at 9 a.m. ET and ends on December 17, at 6 p.m. ET. Pinterest users can vote by "liking" an image (clicking the heart beside the rug).
-- JoAnn Musso, Deborah Boschert, Carolyn Skei

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