Thursday, September 20, 2012

DAFA art quilts supporting AAQI

Finding My Way Home
Lu Peters

DAFA ART QUILTS HAVE BEEN HOT SELLERS on the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative website. In just this past month 10 of our members' art quilts have sold, making our current total 13 quilts sold for an amazing $1,000! Yes, DAFA members, you are all Fiber Art Quilt Rock Stars in my book!

I checked the list to see how many DAFA art quilts have been pulled and slated to make the trip to Houston for the International Quilt Festival, and there are 22! I just know that all of them will be purchased and greatly loved and admired in their new homes.

Monday night I hope you will be in attendance for Recycled Runway: From the Sidewalk to the Green Catwalk. Lu Peters promises it will be a wonderful program. Thanks to so many of our members who have been working hard on their projects.

See you on the Runway!

                                                                                                         -- Jules Rushing, president

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DAFA workshop offers rare chance to learn from “Miss Marble”

Catherine Levine demonstrates methods of floating the paints in the tray and raking or combing it in a variety of patterns.

One of the true stars of paper marbling, Catherine Levine, delighted yesterday's Marbling Workshop participants with as much information and hands-on experience as could be packed into a three-hour session. We each had our own carageenan-filled marbling tray, combs, alum-treated papers and as many paint colors as we could dream of mixing. And the results were amazing. Participants ranged from first-time marblers to experienced art teachers, but “Miss Marble” had tips and information for all.

Class members mix and thin heavy-bodied acrylics and go to work producing marbled papers by the dozen.

The toughest part was getting the papers to our cars on a somewhat windy day! Thanks to Catherine, to Asel Art (which carries a profusion of marbling supplies, by the way), and to all the fun-loving participants for a wonderful workshop!
                                                                                                        -- Carolyn Skei, workshop chair

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Catherine Levine shares marbling history and craft

Catherine Levine combs the paints in her marbling tray and pulls a sheet of 17th-century-style marbled paper as Lisa Covert holds the microphone and Gail Sellers watches.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to “Miss Marble,” Catherine Levine, and to her rapt audience for a wonderful DAFA meeting last Monday night! If you missed Aug. 27, here are a few pictures to give you a taste of an evening filled with lots of excitement. Catherine told us how, in her studio in Dallas, she devotes long hours to the study and re-creation of historic marbling patterns. With an amazing skill, born of complete dedication to her art, she demonstrated several different marbling patterns, ranging from the early “stone” patterns to the more recent “zebra” and “nonpareil” patterns.

DAFA member Lisa Covert (standing at left) explains pamphlet stitch to a full house of mini-workshop participants. At right, Early Irwin concentrates on her two-part journal with marbled cover.

THANKS TO LISA COVERT for leading our mini-workshop on pamphlet-stitched journals. With the help of mini-workshop chair Chuck Baber, Lisa had kits ready that contained beautiful marbled paper covers, precut inside papers, and even threaded needles! Now that’s an organized teacher! We are so lucky to have had all three of these skilled book arts enthusiasts share their knowledge and love of paper and book arts with our group.

IF YOU STILL HAVEN'T PAID DAFA DUES for 2012-2013, you have a day or two before an important Sept. 1 deadline. Your name will be included in the Texas Federation of Fiber Artists directory and you will get your discount-bearing membership card promptly if you beat the deadline!
-- Carolyn Skei