Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Deborah Boschert presents her “Signature Style”

Emerging artist Deborah Boschert, one of DAFA’s own, spoke at the guild’s March meeting, presenting her new slide talk, “Stitching, Symbols, Signature Style,” and showing several of her award-winning art quilts. She shared many of her favorite techniques, materials and themes and traced the ways in which collaborations and moves around the country have influenced her work.

Deborah will lead a weekend workshop for DAFA on Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3. Find details about Dynamic Guided Designs for Fabric Collage on the DAFA website.

Patsi Davila, an avowed “trash makeover artist,” led the March mini-workshop, “Fun, Fabulous Recycled Fabric Beads.”

LEFT TO RIGHT: Deborah Boschert talks with Sherrie Tootle (holding small quilt) about some of the symbols in her work. A slide showing samples of hand stitching techniques favored by Deborah. Deborah enjoys a question from the audience.

LEFT TO RIGHT: A slide showing a closeup of one of Deborah’s house quilts, “Green House Mantra.” Members and guests get a close look at Deborah’s colorful quilts.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Patsi Davila (standing) discusses bead-making methods with Lynne Weinberger. A view of Patsi’s shared recycled treasures.  Beth Swider, mini-workshop chair, visits with some of the bead makers.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Beads and bracelets produced by participants in Patsi’s recycled fabric beads mini-workshop. Photos by Patsi Davila.
-- Posted by Carolyn Skei