Friday, March 13, 2015

January meeting: “Into the Real Woods”

Guest presenters Tory Padden and Barbara Kirksey spoke at DAFA’s January 2015 meeting about the design processes involved in theatre costuming. The two showed slides of their individual and collaborative projects in a program they called “Into the Real Woods: A Journey into the World of Costuming.”

Tory is an award-winning costume designer working in a variety of theaters around the Metroplex. Barbara, a DAFA member, has worked in a number of productions at Mainstage/Irving-Las Colinas and Northlake College.

The evening also included a session of “fiber trafficking” – a swap of art-related items that enabled members to honor their New Year’s resolutions to shed some unwanted pounds of “fiber fat.” President JoAnn Musso also led the guild in honoring Deborah Boschert, who coordinated DAFA’s participation in the recent VECCO rug challenge. DAFA members’ efforts in the competition netted $7,500 in prize monies for the guild treasury.

Left: Chuck Baber and Mary Masal consider other members’ cast-offs during the “Fiber Diet” session preceding the program. Right: President JoAnn Musso presents Deborah Boschert with roses in appreciation for her leadership in the VECCO project.

Left: One of the costumes on exhibit at the meeting. Center: Barbara Kirksey (on the left) and Tory Padden entertain the crowd with stories of their adventures as costume designers. Right: A slide showing a panto (holiday comedy) chicken costume.
Slides of the designers’ costume creations for productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (left) and Tartuffe.