Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Becky Jackson Presents “Journeys”

ART QUILTER BECKY JACKSON gave the audience a rollicking account of her creative journey from traditional quilting to art quilting at DAFA’s March 25 meeting. Becky presented a trunk show of her work, displaying quilts of all sizes and shapes, and a wide variety of techniques. She talked about taking many workshops, escaping for a year to study in New Mexico, and incorporating humor, musical inspiration and much more in her work. Becky, who is a DAFA member, also led our mini-workshop, “The Ins and Outs of Beading on Quilts.”

Left to right: Becky shows mini-workshop participants her beading stitches; Becky’s colorful Indian blanket quilt; Chuck Baber displays her unique musical chairs quilt as Becky explains.

Renita Kuhn Presents Her Creative Clothing

ART-TO-WEAR DESIGNER RENITA KUHN presented “From Barbie to Kimonos and Mud Cloth,” a trunk show of her exciting creative clothing, at DAFA’s meeting on Feb. 25, 2013. Guild members Vet, Michelle Knoerzer, Carol Regan, and Angie Vangalis served as models for the fashion show of colorfully collaged and brightly embellished tunics, kimonos, and vests. Renita’s designs incorporate a variety of beautiful fabrics, ranging from silks to mud cloth, and borrowing from a wide variety of ethnic traditions.

Left to right: Renita Kuhn describes her Lady of Guadalupe vest as Angie Vangalis models; Carol Regan displays a mud cloth vest; Renita shows her colorful pillows; Michelle Knoerzer models a silk kimono.

Left to right: DAFA members admire Renita’s garments up close; the appliqu├ęd back of Renita’s Frieda Kahlo vest; beading and other adornment on another vest; DAFA president Vet models a striking pieced garment.