Friday, June 7, 2013

DAFA Scholarship Winners Recognized

Two University of North Texas students each received a $500 scholarship from Dallas Area Fiber Artists at the May 28 meeting. Introduced by UNT faculty member Amie Adelman, the fibers coordinator in UNT’s College of Visual Arts and Design, Analise Minjarez and Delaney Smith took the microphone and presented their stories and fiber work to an admiring DAFA audience. Both are skilled artists, and we congratulate them on their many accomplishments!

At left, books made for an installation by Delaney Smith; Amie Adelman (center) with Delaney Smith (left) and Analise Minjarez; Analise’s assemblage featuring cyanotype and wood working.

During the mini-workshop hour on May 28, Carrie Noess told the story of her colorful and picturesque “Knot Gardens” and her studies at England’s Royal School of Needlework. Carrie’s canvasworks feature a wide variety of needlepoint techniques and experimentations with a variety of threads. She has earned certification through classes taken both at Hampton Court Palace and at the RSN’s studio in San Francisco.
Carrie Noess shows an out-of-print book about needlework knot gardens; DAFA members examine Carrie's stretched canvases; closeup of one of Carrie's knot gardens in progress.