Friday, February 7, 2014

Award-winning art quilter Heather Pregger speaks to DAFA

DFW quilter Heather Pregger, one of DAFA’s award-winning art quilters, presented the guild’s first program of 2014 on Jan. 27. In a trunk show and talk titled “Evolution of an Art Quilter” Heather told how she first discovered quilts and started working initially as a traditional quilter. Over a period of many years, she has developed a mastery of colorful, large abstract quilts and has won a number of significant prizes, including Best Large Art Quilt at the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Houston.

“Fiber Trafficking” earlier in the evening proved that one member’s trash is another member’s treasure. In the hour before the program, members swapped art supplies and cadged unwanted and unneeded items from others' stashes.

Above: President Vet and treasurer Carrie Noess chat (center back) as Lu Peters and Reid Barnhart examine some loot. Right: Vet and Chuck Baber watch as Linda Chappell and Patricia Dillingham discuss possible uses for one of Chuck’s cardboard packaging pieces. 
Heather shows one of her early strip-pieced quilts (left) and an early “Tomato Soup” quilt (center), held up by Mary Lou Smith. At right Denise Spillane holds aloft a corner of one of Heather’s recent “Tuning Forks” quilts as the artist explains her approach to color movement.
Heather discusses one of her “Big Figure” quilts and her use of “corduroy” quilting. A stack of Heather’s brilliant quilts, created mostly with hand-dyes. Heather explains her binding technique to Reid Barnhart (left) and Thelma Victor.
- Carolyn Skei

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