Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Taking time to “Reinvent the Clock”

Marney Makridakis autographs her book for a DAFA member with a time-related name – Early Irwin.

THANKS to Artella founder Marney Makridakis for her lively talk at our July meeting. In keeping with the title of her new book, Marney shared some of her secrets for “Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life.”

A quote from Marney’s book encapsulates an important part of what she said: “I have a very full life, and my time is filled with many things. Yet I notice that I feel pressured and stressed only when I’m thinking about the linear clock. When I allow more flow to come into my life – not only in the freestanding, time-stopping peak experiences but also in the everyday movement of time – I feel like I am partnering with time instead of working against it, and I realize how much time there really is.” 

A few of the participants in the mini-workshop show their collaged clocks during Show & Tell.

Marney urged us all to measure time less by the clock, calendar, or datebook, and more often in other measurements like pauses, ritual, metaphor, gratitude and love. As artists, we need to give ourselves more of what she calls “ARTsignments.” In our mini-workshop she challenged each participant to create a unique, individual collaged clock -- not a clock of hours, but a “Clock of Ours.”
-- Carolyn Skei, program chair

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