Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 - 2013 DAFA Board

Left to Right - Chuck Baber, Michelle Knoerzer, Sherri Tootle, Mary Masal, Thelma Victor, April Soncrant, Denise Spillane, Fannie Narte, Carol Regan, VET, Carolyn Skei
Seated - Jules Rushing and Lu Peters
Not in Picture - JoAnn Musso

Congratulations to DAFA's newly elected 2012-2013 Board. Here they are, ready to lead us into an exciting new year (with a great new website, new blog, and lots of other good things.) Thanks to all these energetic members for their willingness to help us grow and create!

We have a great slate of officers this year, ready and willing to push DAFA forward in the techno and fiber worlds. Michelle Knoerzer has been busy updating our website, setting up the blog, plus she and Fannie Narte are hitting the ground running with their treasury duties. Carolyn Skei has a fantastic lineup of speakers for us and is working with Michelle on setting up the website to keep you informed. Lu Peters is considering another show for us this year and already has thoughts about our 2013 Annual Show. Our Community Service Chairs, April Soncrant and Denise Spillane, are shipping off our Alzheimer's Art Quilts and planning our next challenge. I am confident VET has good things up her very creative sleeve for the monthly raffles. Chuck Baber heard from several of us during the art swap of mini-workshops and other workshops that we would like members to do. The art swap was fantastic and the pieces were so inspiring! Carol Regan is getting her feet wet and has jumped in and making her mark to be a great Secretary. JoAnn Musso and Mary Masal are hard at work planning the 2014 Federation Conference. Thelma Victor is keep up with tracking the history of DAFA and making sure we make our mark (or should I say stitch) in history. Sherrie Tootle is our Membership Chair again this year and is already busy taking in membership forms for renewal and new members, so if you don't have yours in yet, it is time! Last but not least, our President, Jules Rushing is busy making sure everything is organized and in place. To help Michelle out with all the website duties, she has taken over the blog to keep it artfully organized.

Keep an eye on our blog for updates to the website and goings on.

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